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 RULES, leer, mis amigos. (read my friends)

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Speshulest Cookie-Ruler Of All

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PostSubject: RULES, leer, mis amigos. (read my friends)   Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:15 pm

Just some basic, easy to follow, rules

Registrating: (yay made up words...)
-follow the form, if you have any questions PM me.
-Post it when your done, if its good i will approve, if not I willl notify you of changes that need to be made.

-really guys? no one line posts, dont do it half-massed, if your going to post, give us at least 4 or 5 good sentences.
-Keep it PG-13
-if you know its not PG-13, then put rated R in the title.
-cussing is again, technically alowed, but dont drop the f bomb every other word
-if your thread is exclusive, put the people who are participating within the title

Faces Claimed: (here i will put people who are already taken)

have fun, be creative :]

I <3 boys w/eyeliner.

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RULES, leer, mis amigos. (read my friends)
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